Service and Support

HyLift-Johnson not only manufactures the ‘World’s most beautiful valve lifter’, it also provides exceptional service and support in many areas; product development, testing, high volume manufacturing on precision machine operations, and ‘lights-out’ assembly of critical small to medium size sub-assemblies are all available through HyLift-Johnson.

Other resources and services include analytical testing services related to Gas Chromatography for hydrocarbon dispersion as well as CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) in order to detect the very smallest inconsistencies in parts manufacturing.  Machine services include, but are not limited to prototyping and Rockwell hardness testing, optic comparators, o/d and i/d precision grinding with tolerances to 0.00005 inch (fifty millionths), vertical and horizontal mil work with high level of repeatability on production volumes; TQM / NIST / ASTM and ISO standards compliant.

Machine capabilities include CNC processing up to 5-axis using Daewoo, HAAS and Hardinge machining centers with full program capabilities for complex machine work on all types of metals including aircraft aluminum alloys (Series 2000 – 8000), all stainless steels and precision, high-volume machining and finishing of investment castings from various steel alloys and most exotics.

HyLift-Johnson engineering team will ensure that any issues are handled promptly and professionally. We strive for perfection in all we do and understand complete customer satisfaction is a mandatory objective.

HyLift-Johnson bring with it more than 65-year of experience, know-how, ingenuity, aptitude and “Made in America” quality to the forefront. Look no further than HyLift-Johnson for superior quality hydraulic, roller and flat tappet valve lifters as well as any other production, precision-machined product.